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MyMagiCon UB125

MyMagiCon UB125® contains a special powder mixture that removes small molecules quickly from solutions and concentrates microorganisms and macromolecules.

MyMagiCon UB125®, which is intended for concentrating urine samples, for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection agents and other biomarkers for diagnosis of chronic diseases, this product concentrates the sample 10 to 20 times.

Microorganisms are concentrated if they are in intact form. However, even if the organism is lysed and its nucleic acids and antigens are released in the solution, these will be also concentrated, since molecules larger than approximately 0.5kD will stay outside the polymer beads while small molecules will be removed. MyMagiCon UB125® increases the sensitivity of antigen and nucleic acid amplification tests 10 to 20 times.